<p>Adriaan Johannes van Oordt<br></p>

Adriaan Johannes van Oordt

Thee Van Oordt's history starts at March 23, 1799 with the birth of Adriaan Johannes van Oordt in Rotterdam. His father Adriaan van Oordt (1761 - 1831) is a merchant in the tea- and coffee trade at Arij Duermeijer & Zoon. His grandfather Hendrik van Oordt (1710 - 1805) is also a merchant and the founder of the Rotterdam Van Oordt sugar refinery (1734). They are descendants from wealthy merchants from Zeeland with entrepreneurship running through their veins.

At the age of 24, just like his father, Adriaan Johannes van Oordt starts working for Arij Duermeijer & Zoon as a merchant in the tea- and coffee trade. It appears to be the stepping stone for his own company. After 10 years of gaining experience the time has come to stand on his own feet. On January 1st, 1834 Adriaan Johannes van Oordt & Zoonen & co is ready for business.

<p>The Unicorn</p>

The Unicorn

Ever since the beginning, in 1834, the unicorn appears in the logo of Thee Van Oordt. This legendary white single horned horse has been granted mythical powers for years. Thus, the unicorn symbolizes strength, energy, health, happiness, balance, renewal and purity. Even today you can explore all the mythical well-being characteristics in the Thee Van Oordt selection. Powerful and natural teas and  herbs, innovative packaging and taste sensations that will make you happy.

Only the best for your body!

<p class=Your cup of tea? 


Your cup of tea? 

180 years after its founding Thee Van Oordt still aims to provide the best quality. We try to achieve this by continuously testing our range and to ensure the familiar flavours. But also by continuing to develop and renew both our ingredients and our packaging. That is how we will bring Thee Van Oordt back where it belongs: in your tea cup!